Interior Styling Course [EN]

As an interior stylist you add atmosphere and feeling to an interior. You are an expert in color and material theory and you have a feeling for aesthetics and atmosphere. You pay attention to trends and other cultural influences. You apply your creativity while paying attention to the personality, preferences and style of the client. You use insight and empathy to relate to their situation.

The interior styling course summary

Tuition fee 2024 (including the exam): € 1.910,-
Course length: 8 months
Amount of lessons:      18 lessons
Time investments:  8 – 10 hours per week self study
Group size:  maximum 14 participants
Education requirements:  Associates Degree - thinking and working level

Start dates and lesson locations

AmsterdamStarts 2024

After taking the interior styling course you are able to:

  • Creating an atmosphere with the use of materials and color.

  • Source the right furniture and accessories

  • Create the appropriate style in an interior

  • Create a lighting plan

  • Stay up to date with interior trends

Course content

During this interior styling course you will learn hands-on the basic knowledge of interior styling. After the course you can already start working on your own. This course is a great start to entering into the interior industry.

Course content

During the interior styling course you will learn:


  • Design Principles
  • Styles and streams in the field
  • Main interior styles
  • Interior trends
  • Space and measuring systems
  • Color theory
  • Styling furniture and accessories
  • Materials and their effect on an interior
  • Art in an interior
  • Lighting
  • Presentation techniques
  • Styling Plan
  • Interior Budget

You lear how to arrange space

When you are restyling an interior you will learn how to pay attention to a few important aspects of styling, namely; function, form, decoration, space and the psychological effect on a specific situation.

You learn ho to make a professional design

You pay attention to trends and other streams of influence. Above all you use your creativity while considering the personality, style and preferences of the users or occupants. They are ultimately your clients. From there you will learn to translate their interior problem into a professional design.

Total plan

Within the chosen atmosphere you will work out, in detail, the further aspects of the design and styling of a space. In short; you will create a total interior styling plan for the realization of your idea’s.


During the course you will complete four portfolio assignments. This way you will show that what you have learned, you are able to apply to a design. If you have completed the assignments with a satisfactory score, then you will receive an interior styling certificate at the end of the course.  

Role of the teachers

The teacher inspires and challenges you. They guide you to research your own solutions. Through the process of making conscious choices, you will develop your understanding and knowledge. You will learn how to explain and defend your choices. In each lesson the teacher will give you feedback about the assignments either one on one or in the group.

The exam

You will learn to take an important interior dilemma of a client and turn it into a concrete design. In the exam you will be challenged in a specific situation to come up with a creative solution to a problem. You will receive plenty of time to complete this assignment. You will present and explain your design at the final presentation. There are 6 locations where you can take the exam. If you have passed the exam and completed your portfolio with a satisfactory score, then you have earned the interior styling diploma from the Interieuracademie. The diploma Interior Styling from the Interiueracademie is seen as a valuable certificate in the business field.

Tuition fees

The tuition fee for the Interior Stylist course is € 1910,- when paid at once. This includes the portfolio, portfolio assessment and a certificate. The exam fees are from 2024 included in this price.

Would you rather pay in installments? That is possible with 6 installments of € 360,-.

The tuition fee is exempt from VAT.

Other costs

In addition to the tuition and exam fee, there are other costs to consider.

Books                                  avg. € 100,-
Other materials              avg. € 140,-

Parking and coffee/tea charges ar at your own expense.

Course length and time investment

The interior styling course (english) is 18 lessons of 2,5 hours long.  Next to the lessons you will need to spend time on self study and working on the theoretical and practical assignments. The average time spent outside of class is 8-10 hours a week. The more time you put into the course, the more you will get out of it.


There are no specific education requirements for the Interior Styling course. Prior knowledge of the field of design is also not required. We do ask for an associates degree level of working and thinking.

Possible follow up courses

Do you want to be able to create a total interior design plan? After you have completed the interior styling course, look into taking the interior design course (still in development in English).

Course material

There is required literature that will be used during the English course.

  • The Interior Design Reference and Specification book by Chris Grimly & Mimi Love
  • The Interior Design Course by Thames & Hudson

Other material will come at your own cost and will be discussed with the teacher and their requests during the course.

What is the difference between interior styling and interior design?

In interior styling the focus is on creating an atmosphere using color, materials, art, furniture, lighting and accessories. Creating a moodboard and being up to date with styles, brands and trends is important.

In interior design you are more focused on the total design and function of a space: how you can create a new floor plan based on the desires of the client and what function and spatial aspects will support those desires. To make these changes visual, you will create sketches, floorplans, and perspective drawings to present to the client. After the design comes the materials, furniture and color plan as a way to work out the floorplan.

This is why you choose the interior styling course by the Interieuracademie:

  • Classical Teaching Method
  • Groups of maximal 14 people
  • Diploma recognised in the field of design
  • Practical and directly applicable
  • The only english Interior Styling course in the Netherlands

Course advice during an information evening

Do you have questions about if this is the right course? Several times a year we have an information evening so that you can make the right choice.
Course advice over the phone? Call: 0314 – 368619

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